Production Management - Vitacca Productions & Company
Production Management

For more than 10 years Vitacca Productions & Company team has helped companies organize and produce outstanding shows. From five stage festivals to intimate dance showcases, our industry expertise makes each a seamless success.

Creative Direction

  • Develop show concepts
  • Curate performances
  • Collaborate with designers and crew
  • Conceptualize and facilitate costuming
  • Artistic direction
  • Choreography

Artistic Coordination

  • Host auditions
  • Supervise casting
  • Secure artist contracts
  • Liaison for national/international artists
  • Coordinate rehearsal schedules
  • Conduct Rehearsals

On-Site Support

  • Create and/or adhere to production schedules
  • Stage management
  • Facilitate technical rehearsals
  • Manage festival/event general operations
  • Comply with union/non-union venue rules
  • Assist national/international artists

We look forward to making your upcoming event a unique experience and one to remember.

By selecting Vitacca Productions & Company, a nonprofit organization, you enrich the dance art form. Please contact us to learn more about how we can better serve you and receive a personalized quote.

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